The influencer: who he is, what he does and how he lives in Second Life

More and more often we hear about influencers even if we often do not have a precise idea of ​​who he is, of how he lives and what he exactly does. In this article I wanted to talk about influencers in Second Life, trying to understand better who they are and how they can influence […]

Decor #1: Passion and realism for my new home

I fell in love with Summers Wind to the point of deciding to take home. A decision dictated by passion, little thought, but very heartfelt. In particular, I took a crush for this splendid mini-two-story house, chosen and furnished on its outside by the very good Violetta Inglewood, a woman rich in talent in the […]

“Salt” the recent artistic tasting of Eliza Wierwight in Second Life

Salt strikes me, to the point of feeling physical pain. I think it is a “taste” of the suffering of the artist who created the installation, or a tribute to the gender suffering that Eliza gives through the realization of an elaborate artistic metaphor. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Sleeping pains, a daily humiliation concealed behind a […]

SL15B Art Exhibitions in Second Life®

SL15B is the official event organized by Linden Lab to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of Second Life®. Knowing that SL® has existed for 15 years and that it is “in full swing” makes me very happy, because I believe that this virtual world has a lot to offer from different points of view and individually, […]

“Not Alone” by Aloisio Congrejo in Second Life®

The artistic installation created by Aloisio Congrejo entitled “Not Alone” is one of those that create a good mood. The artist has set up his work in the region owned by Foundation for Life, an association established with the aim of raising funds to fight the difficult battle against cancer. For years now, I have […]

SineSpace, the virtual reality that meets your needs

Fans of Virtual Reality and creation in an intuitive and comfortable virtual environment will love SineSpace, the virtual world created by Adam Frisby. Adam is an expert on VR, having been very active on ActiveWorlds, Blaxxxun, Microsoft’s Virtual Worlds and Second Life. In Second Life®, a familiar environment, he founded Azure Island to purchase private […]