The Black Dragon high complexity (problem and solution)

Last month, on the occasion of the opening at the Itakos Art Gallery Project, I got an automatic ban from the SIM. An automatic ban happens when the author of the ban is not a specific person who has a control role, but the system itself. In other words, if the avatar does not meet […]

April @Vibes Art Gallery in Second Life®

The Vibes Gallery, owned by Eviana Robbiani and Lunhea Resident, exhibits some interesting artists artworks during April. In this post, I would like to briefly illustrate some of them and inform the readers of Narcotic, the music club connected to the gallery. It is an elegant place, with an urban-grunge style, suggestive both for the […]

“Simply dreaming,” the surrealist exhibition of Awesome Fallen at Itakos Art Gallery Project

Awesome Fallen is a Spanish surrealist artist who routinely publishes her creations on Flickr and who since April 6th exhibits her most recent artworks at the Itakos Art Gallery Project. The Itakos Art Gallery Project As known by those who regularly frequent artistic salons, the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an art gallery owned by […]

Frenchy and Caly’s exhibition @Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery

The Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery hosts the artistic exhibition by Frenchy25 (UUID: 3be35c30-93b2-4ae2-bd7b-7c6be5bf5955) and by Calypso Applewhite (UUID: 1bdf1a00-b393-4935-9aa8-75b9af8c9637). Frenchy25 is the artistic curator at the VOIR art gallery.  He and his partner Calypso are artist who skillfully manipulates the images captured in SL® to obtain interesting results. On the occasion of his […]

How much does reputation matter in Second Life?

The virtual worlds and Second Life, in particular, have always been for me a very interesting cue for the observation of human behavior in virtual contexts. Anyone with a minimum of experience on social networks and forums knows well how the virtual medium allows people to express themselves without too many censorships, partly because they […]

“Offering to Mnemosyne”, art exhibition @Nitroglobus in Second Life®

The artist Fenris exhibits his works at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, esteemed art gallery curated by Dido Haas. The exhibition by Fenris (fenris345) is entitled “Offering to Mnemosyne,” and its title evokes the Greek muse Mnemosyne, daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). Mnemosyne is the personification of memory and the power to remember. […]