“Leonardo 500” by Astral Dreams Project

“Leonardo 500” is the project created and curated by Astral Dreams Project to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is an artistic installation that hosts photographers and sculptors, I remember their names: Nabrey Aabye Caly Applewhite Sergio Delacruz Desy Magic Lara Tommaso Ciottolina Xue Aqua Aria Many have visited […]

“Masquerade” @DiXmiX Art Gallery

I was invited by DiXmiX Source, the owner and artistic curator of the DiXmiX art gallery, to visit “Masquerade,” the last exhibition currently on display and open since June, 20th. Masquerade is a problematic term to render in Italian, perhaps the expression that comes closest to the real meaning is “mascherata, ballo in maschera”. The […]