The Island That Is Not There

The Island That Is Not There is born from the ashes of OTIUM; this is how the co-owner of the location Franz Markstein explains to me (secondlife:///app/agent/a959ad32-fee1-4219-86f7-59ea85cd2c54/about). The region designer, however, is Coralile (secondlife:///app/agent/1cf878d2-5017-47f1-b12c-c3fe5463e477/about), who, in Franz’s words, did the actual furnishing work. I confess that I did not know OTIUM, and with difficulty, I […]

Mon Joli Cadeau, an attractive place for art lovers

I was looking for new places to explore, and so I opened Second Life Destinations. I’m usually informed about new locations, but it’s been a long time since my daily engagements diverted me from virtual tours.As is often the case, the image chosen to represent the location in Second Life Destinations caught my attention, and […]

Chouchou still lives and Chouchou XVI will be living soon

Yesterday, September 29, 2019, the official news came from the owners of Chouchou regarding joining to the Second Region Preservation Society. We are talking about the program that allows the rescue of regions that, without the support of LL, would close. The owners of Chouchou have therefore made official the decision to preserve their sim […]

That (Autumn) Missing Melody

It’s no mystery that Missing Melody is one of my favorite destinations in Second Life. I had, in fact, already written a post and record a short video to remember over time the creative ability of Bambi (secondlife:///app/agent/c5ae19fb-fc35-4847-930d-ff5574e3b2d4/about). I’m back today, having peered at a few shots captured by community users. I learned that Missing […]

The Mediterranean beauty of Noelia Island in Second Life

Noelia Island is a beautiful Mediterranean-style resort in Second Life. It consists of 3 islands, one is the largest and hosts the enchanting Villa Toscana. A smaller one hosts a space for the meditation and spirituality in general, and finally, the last smaller one is for musical events. Noelia Island Description Ida Carlberg ( Carlberg/) […]

Peace, serenity and nature @Whimberly in Second Life

Whimberly is a location created by the photographer Staubi Reilig ( Location Description It is an enchanting setting for those seeking nature and peace. It provides moments of serenity and detachment from the daily chaos. The theme is spring, so it’s perfect for immersing yourself in the season we’re living in at the moment. Whimberly […]

Frenchy and Caly’s exhibition @Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery

The Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery hosts the artistic exhibition by Frenchy25 (UUID: 3be35c30-93b2-4ae2-bd7b-7c6be5bf5955) and by Calypso Applewhite (UUID: 1bdf1a00-b393-4935-9aa8-75b9af8c9637). Frenchy25 is the artistic curator at the VOIR art gallery.  He and his partner Calypso are artist who skillfully manipulates the images captured in SL® to obtain interesting results. On the occasion of his […]