Art in Second Life: what’s next?

Art in Second Life is experiencing a period of strong disconnection, in my opinion. Since the LEA project closed, the minimum connection between artists, gallery owners, and art lovers has generally disappeared. In itself, the closure of LEA is not a drama; I agree with those who have commented on the news without pathos. LEA […]

“Astral Dreams Project” @LEA8

Astral Dreams Project opens its doors again this year to artists who want to participate at the invitation of Jack Davies and Mina Arcana, the owners of Astral Dreams.In this interview I ask them to illustrate the project, to better understand their aspirations, expectations, and ideas about one of the most interesting artistic programs that, […]

April @Vibes Art Gallery in Second Life®

The Vibes Gallery, owned by Eviana Robbiani and Lunhea Resident, exhibits some interesting artists artworks during April. In this post, I would like to briefly illustrate some of them and inform the readers of Narcotic, the music club connected to the gallery. It is an elegant place, with an urban-grunge style, suggestive both for the […]

“Simply dreaming,” the surrealist exhibition of Awesome Fallen at Itakos Art Gallery Project

Awesome Fallen is a Spanish surrealist artist who routinely publishes her creations on Flickr and who since April 6th exhibits her most recent artworks at the Itakos Art Gallery Project. The Itakos Art Gallery Project As known by those who regularly frequent artistic salons, the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an art gallery owned by […]

Nevereux @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

I accepted the invitation of DixMix Source in Second Life with great pleasure to visit the 3D exhibition of Nevereux, entitled “ArtNeveux.” She is an artist that I already had the opportunity to appreciate a lot during my visits to the SL® art galleries. You can find the narration of my visit to the Daphne Art Gallery in […]

Eviana Robbiani @ Club LA and Gallery

Eviana Robbiani opens the doors of her photographic exhibition at the gallery “Club LA and Gallery“.At the landing point, you will receive an introductory notecard of the three art exhibitions currently open to the public at the Club LA and Gallery. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Entering the corridor on the left, the first photographic exhibition you […]

HALLOWEEN PARTY Astral Dreams Project (with Oema)

Friday, October 26th at 22:30 will “close the dances” of the art exhibition created by Astral Dreams Project in collaboration with me. LEGGI IN ITALIANO During these months we had the honor and the pleasure of hosting artists from all over the world. After a first exhibition dedicated only to Italian artists, we followed one […]