The easiest way to remove the background in a photograph: create the inworld layer mask

For some years now I have been interested (as a simple passion) in photography in Second Life. One of the most common problems is to remove the background from an image of your avatar. I’ve seen many tutorials on how to solve this problem and I think the simplest is what I’m about to propose. […]

SL Tutorial: Photoshop Speed Editing

I often found good tutorials presented on Youtube at a speed that prevented me from following the various learning levels step by step. I found it difficult to understand in detail how the author of the video made the photo editing, although I had a good knowledge of Photoshop. I later learned about the possibility […]

How to draw hair for Second Life® pictures

Drawing hair is one of the most challenging activities for photographers of Second Life®. Some just don’t, leaving the image raw from this point of view. I’m a little fixed on the importance of giving credibility to the image, and I like to get the most realistic result possible.To do this, I use BlackDragon Viewer […]

How to actually capture depth of field on your SL photos

Originally posted on Second Sighting:
I have recently realized that some people have been having difficulties to obtain the depth-of-field effect on their pics in Second Life. Although this blog doesn’t intend to cover technical aspects of SL, I resort to photos in order to show the sims that I visit, the buildings that I…