“Look Realistic” Series #1: Genus Classic Face and Deetalez Skin Appliers

One of the most exciting aspects in Second Life is the chance to give realism to our avatar. It’s not so hard if you know where to go and how to search. I am introducing a new look category on my blog: “Look Realistic.” Like the name suggests, I’m going to bring some ideas to […]

Greeting at the end of SUMMER

I was in Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea and met Candie Sheel. I greeted, happy to see her, on an afternoon at the end of the summer. Mi trovavo a Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea e ho incontrato Candie Sheel. L’ ho salutata, felice di vederla, in un pomeriggio di fine estate. What I am […]