The Island That Is Not There

The Island That Is Not There is born from the ashes of OTIUM; this is how the co-owner of the location Franz Markstein explains to me (secondlife:///app/agent/a959ad32-fee1-4219-86f7-59ea85cd2c54/about). The region designer, however, is Coralile (secondlife:///app/agent/1cf878d2-5017-47f1-b12c-c3fe5463e477/about), who, in Franz’s words, did the actual furnishing work. I confess that I did not know OTIUM, and with difficulty, I […]

Art in Second Life: what’s next?

Art in Second Life is experiencing a period of strong disconnection, in my opinion. Since the LEA project closed, the minimum connection between artists, gallery owners, and art lovers has generally disappeared. In itself, the closure of LEA is not a drama; I agree with those who have commented on the news without pathos. LEA […]