That (Autumn) Missing Melody

Second Life Missing Melody

It’s no mystery that Missing Melody is one of my favorite destinations in Second Life.
I had, in fact, already written a post and record a short video to remember over time the creative ability of Bambi (secondlife:///app/agent/c5ae19fb-fc35-4847-930d-ff5574e3b2d4/about).

Missing Melody (Old Version)

I’m back today, having peered at a few shots captured by community users. I learned that Missing Melody had renewed again in its autumn version, giving all its passionate visitors a beautiful gift.

The autumn version is, if possible, even better than the previous version. The choice of light settings is, perhaps, a little dark.
I preferred it so that the visitors of my blog could enter a mood of serenity and peace by watching the images and the video. For this reason, I chose the CaIWL setting, appropriately modifying the East Angle value in “Lighting” (World → Edit Sky Preset). For optimal viewing use Black Dragon Viewer.
I also removed the vision of all the lights attached to the avatar. The natural light is already optimal for beautiful shots.

For those who want to rez, they can join the group that allows the rez rights at the cost of L$ 250 → Join To Missing Melody Staff. A reasonable price, given the beauty of the place’s landscape.


Missing Melody (Autumn Version)


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