“An Open Letter to Linden Lab,” a petition to be heard

Second Life Petition

Some Second Life residents have started a petition through the service Change.Org. This petition is addressed to Ebbe Altberg and Linden Lab.
Let’s try to understand what’s going on.
As you know, LL has modified the contractual conditions with SL users. Specifically, some cost reductions and some increases. I wrote about this in the post titled “The New LL Economic Condition: speculation or necessity?”
Cost reductions affect land buyers, while increases affect premium users on the one hand and creators on the other.
In particular, creators suffer a 5% increase (from the original 2.5%) in the exchange fee. This happens when a person exchanges L$ to current currency. (EUR or DOLLAR or other currency in use).

Second Life Petition against the 5% fee exchange

In this “petition”, residents complain about the 5% tax. In fact, creators who suffer a decrease in revenue as a result of this increase wrote it.
This increase to 5% could be the result of the rise in micro-payments by PayPal (micro-payments are all those of less than $10.00). So the increase in the tax to 5% seems to be more an adjustment that LL has implemented concerning a decision taken by PayPal.
The petition focuses on the needs of creators, and then we talk about those aspects that most affect them. It is natural that what strikes the creator also strikes the final consumer, who will find himself with an increase in overall prices.
The resident authors of the petition also complain about some decisions that LL has taken recently; they appear incomprehensible and therefore ask for an explanation, creators told.
Finally, the petitioner residents are asking to be heard by LL. They ask LL to hire people who live in SL every day; in this way, decisions can be taken more in line with the interests of the community.
I have always thought that a “petition” is a request that a private individual addresses to a public authority. Things change quickly in the web age.

Second Life Petition: Residents talk

We would also like to discuss the possibility of negotiating the 5% processing fee. We understand that Linden Lab does have a final say, but we have a long list of innovative and insightful ideas of how Linden Lab might increase profits without relying on land and without creators having to bear such a severe financial burden. The primary areas that we feel we could address to improve profits in the long- and short-term related to retention, marketing, and platform stability, as well as Premium member benefits. We would love to share our ideas and insights with you regarding these subjects and more if you are willing to give us the opportunity to do so.

Link To The Petition


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