Astral Dreams Project @LEA8 Opening

Astral Dreams Project opens its doors this Sunday, June 2, with an ambitious setting and high visual impact.
The style of the location (LEA8) is Steampunk, which also inspires many images and statues of the exhibiting artists.
Astral Dreams ProJect was born from the idea of giving a significant tribute to the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci.
It is an ambitious project that, in my opinion, the owners of Astral Dreams Jack Davies and Mina Arcana have managed to achieve success.
Astral Dreams has always been a “team effort,” so several people have contributed to the realization of this project, including first of all Acqua Aria, for her remarkable ability in building and creating textures.
The whole staff of Astral Dreams has always been precious in the realization of the activities signed with the brand “Astral Dreams.”
I do not reveal more, and I invite you instead to participate in the opening that will be held this Sunday, June 2 at 1:30 PM SLT (22:30 Italian Time).
I will present the evening in Italian and English.

Dress Code: Steampunk, if you like.

The artists exhibitors

  • Nabrey Aabye
  • Caly Applewhite
  • Sergio Delacruz
  • Desy Magic
  • Lara Tommaso
  • Ciottolina Xue
  • Aqua Aria

Teleport to Astral Dreams Project


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