That’s why I love Chouchou

The post I published yesterday on the possible and imminent closure of Chouchou has aroused several reactions.
The most common is, of course, the regret at such an important loss. However, there have also been other reactions, such as anger, frustration, resignation, to name the most common.
The only reaction I have not seen is indifference. Chouchou has left its mark on the soul of many people.
Why does Chouchou like so much?
Everyone has their reasons, for me, Chouchou is peace, contact with myself, introspection, inspiration, Deja vù, and art.
The original music combined with the setting gives the visitor a unique atmosphere, to which the users of SL cannot remain indifferent.

And you? What are the reasons why you love Chouchou?

Tell me in a comment, we let the creators of this virtual masterpiece know that we appreciate their art, and we hope the place will remain open for a long time to come.



Published by Oema

Virtual Reality passionate.

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