Chouchou will be closing soon… unless…

Chouchou in Second Life

Chouchou is a historic location in Second Life. Each of us has visited it at least once, and it enchanted us.
At the point of arrival, water, and an endless horizon seemingly infinite surround you.
When you activate music, it’s magic. The music is original to the authors of the location, more specifically: Juliet Heberle is a vocalist, while Arabesque Choch is a composer. The original music of Chouchou on the official website of the sim:
Chouchou is known for its music and for the location of water that inspired many other sites, but it is right to remember that the sim hosts two other exciting spaces in the sky, Islamey, and Memento, accessible by a teleport located at the foot of the staircase that leads to the air.
Also, the authors of the location have made artistic videos of high level, and they are visible on their website at the following link:, under the heading “music videos.”
Today, reading on Facebook, I learned that Chouchou is in danger of closing down.

Many people are worried about this news because Chouchou is a symbol of Second Life, one of many, of course. However, one of the most significant. I hope that the Linden Lab will accept the invitation to preserve this place that for many Second Life users is a corner of peace, harmony, and therapy to the greyness of everyday life.

Forum Topic about Chouchou closing

Teleport to Chouchou

Chouchou Videos


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