The Black Dragon high complexity (problem and solution)

Black Dragon Viewer

Last month, on the occasion of the opening at the Itakos Art Gallery Project, I got an automatic ban from the SIM.
An automatic ban happens when the author of the ban is not a specific person who has a control role, but the system itself.

In other words, if the avatar does not meet specific parameters, the SIM is set to ban the resident.

In my case, the ban occurred because of my complexity which, without my knowledge, was worth over 830,000.
How come? I wasn’t wearing anything special, the usual outfits that in Firestorm have a complexity of about 32,000.
Finally, after several attempts, I understand that the “problem” was the viewer; in fact, I was using Black Dragon that I consider perfect for photos and videos.
Today I contacted the author of Black Dragon, Niran. asking for explanations about it, here’s our conversation:

You have to know that, at the moment, the problem arises only in the regions owned by the AM Estate.
If you are banned from one of these regions you will be banned from all areas that have the same ownership.
However, the solution, in case of a ban, there is and is quick: you must contact the customer service, always available, and ask the unban (explaining that the high complexity is the viewer Black Dragon).
The support service with live chat is available at the following address:

AM Support

Report me if you have the same problem with another property, please.


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