April @Vibes Art Gallery in Second Life®

Vibes Art Gallery in Second Life (April)

The Vibes Gallery, owned by Eviana Robbiani and Lunhea Resident, exhibits some interesting artists artworks during April.
In this post, I would like to briefly illustrate some of them and inform the readers of Narcotic, the music club connected to the gallery. It is an elegant place, with an urban-grunge style, suggestive both for the furniture and for the musical choices usually made by the DJs hosting the events.

The Vibes Art Gallery

The Vibes Gallery consists of a small room carefully furnished by Lunhea, the local architect. The artistic curator is instead Eviana Robbiani and, for April offers us the following artists:

Vibes Gallery Second Life (April)
Vibes Gallery Second Life (April)

They are photographers who present different styles: some minimalists, others sophisticated, some prefer black and white, others bright color, for some the plays of light are essential, for others are not the dominant aspect in the artistic context.
Among the various artists proposed, “Disillusioned” by Legolas Baxton and “My Mind” by Kimmy LittleBoots capture my attention more.
Moki Yuitza‘s “Stay” is also delightful, especially for the play of light and shadow that the artist has managed to create.

The Narcotic Club

The Narcotic is a refined club, where artists and guests meet after the opening for a musical evening in the company.
I confess that I went to one of these events only once, but there is no wonder, given my now known refractoriness to events. I usually prefer to visit places by myself, indeed.
However, I like Narcotic in a particular way, perhaps for the urban-grunge style, maybe for the elegance and taste in the furniture, maybe for the setting that Lunhea has managed to create or, perhaps just, because it conveys incredible sensations as soon as you enter the room.
The structure is by Marcus Inkpen (UUID: 494cd7b8-29c4-4518-8eb2-740be85929f7) who sells his works both on Inworld and on the Marketplace (The Looking Glass Store).

Teleport to Vibes Art Gallery

Teleport to Narcotic Club


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