Flickr artist of the week: Ines

Ines Flickr (Second Life)

I start the Friday column with Ines, proposing her like Flickr artist who has excited me for her style, her technique, and her powerful ability.
Ines is a photographer in Second Life and prefers black and white as style and mode of communication. Black and white is an artistic technique that is both effective and complex: black and white photography is essential and minimalist, and it also highlights technique and expressive ability.
Ines’ photographs contain precisely this communicative ability, preferring to focus attention on a particular, on a glance, on a sensation, or a lived situation.
For this first Friday column, I propose three images that I consider valid and noteworthy.

Ines Flickr Photostream

*That's the price you pay
* s e r e n i t y .

→ Leggi in Italiano

Flickr artista della settimana: Ines

Con Ines, inizio la rubrica del venerdì, in cui propongo un artista su Flickr che mi ha entusiasmata per il suo stile, la sua tecnica e la capacità espressiva.

Ines si dedica alla fotografia in Second Life e predilige il bianco e nero come stile e modalità di comunicazione. Il bianco e nero rappresenta una tecnica espressiva efficace e complessa al tempo stesso: se da un lato, infatti, una fotografia in bianco e nero è essenziale e minimalista, dall’altra essa sottolinea la tecnica e l’abilità espressiva.

Le fotografie di Ines racchiudono proprio questa abilità comunicativa, prediligendo focalizzare l’attenzione su un particolare, su uno sguardo, su una sensazione, o una situazione vissuta.

Per questa prima rubrica del venerdì, propongo tre immagini che io ritengo valide e degne di nota.


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One thought on “Flickr artist of the week: Ines

  1. Thank you for this, Oema. After the shine wore off for me, I struggled for some time to find a purpose in SL though I couldn’t walk away. I tried several times to get back into it but each time within a few weeks I knew it would be another failed attempt to reconstitute my enthusiasm. Then I noticed all of the activity on flickr and the wide range of efforts happening there across the spectrum. I think I’ve found my purpose again 😀 Though all are good in their own way, there are a few who’s efforts really resonate with me and have drawn me in. You have provided me with yet another. 🙂


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