The missing Second Life® community on Facebook

Facebook Second Life community

I read with interest the news published on New World Notes about the birth of a Reddit community of 5000 Second Life® members that discusses, compares and helps every day on various Linden Lab’s virtual world topics. Creating a community like this one it has always been my most ambitious project, even if I wanted to realize it on Facebook.
So, I created two groups on Facebook related to Second Life®, a more generic one dealing with any subject related to the virtual world, and another more specific one about art in virtual worlds. In both cases, I could not get a community similar to the Reddit’s one. In recent times, I have reflected on the reasons for this failure and have arrived at some conclusions. First of all, Facebook is a different social concerning Reddit: in FB groups, any member can post its contents without particular restrictions, so that they are a sequence of post-spam related to the most different topics. Reddit is a different social, which focuses on content and interaction with them. FB pages are more suitable to obtain a result similar to Reddit’s one, where fans can (if the page author allows) add their contents, but are encouraged to do so in an engaging way, trying to get interaction and giving rise to a discussion. A second reason is that the FB group should promote all content related to a specific topic and not just some. For example, in the group dealing with art, it is essential that people develop the topic to 360 degrees, without excluding anyone. This aspect is all the more significant if one thinks that otherwise, the group would become an opportunity to promote only some galleries and some artists.
Another critical aspect is the tendency of people to desire shining more than others in the SL® firmament. This one is a problem that can hardly be solved. The people’s will to want to prevail on others is one of the most significant obstacles to the birth of a healthy community. The interest of the community comes before the benefit of the individual member in the group and each member is happy to contribute to the growth of a healthy society.
I intend to renew the group on art, while I will probably close the generic one on SL® (there are already many groups). I hope to be able to correct the mistakes made so far and to draw from them the lessons necessary to offer a better community.
Second Life Art Group on Facebook
Group of Art and Environs Inworld (URI: secondlife:///app/group/99fb4cd4-29ac-7fac-2f1d-9a036c6b5951/about – free membership and possibility to send notices and add new members).


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2 thoughts on “The missing Second Life® community on Facebook

  1. Another possible reason for your facebook group not gaining as many followers may have to do with the confusion around Facebook’s policy concerning accounts that aren’t ‘real’ people. At one point I had an account for my avatar but didn’t use it much and completely gave up when they came out against accounts for SL avatars. I heard they had changed that and I see many SL avatars on facebook BUT I have not been able to reconnect to my original avatar nor have I had any luck in creating a new account my avatar recently. Each attempt to do so requests a real life picture to be uploaded. I even uploaded a RL pic of me but my request to create this account for my avatar has gone unanswered. I doubt I’m the only one running into this 🙂 However, seeing your link here I’ll probably visit with my RL avatar 😀


    1. Wow, I created my account without any problems, uploading an SL photo from the beginning. You can join the inworld group if you are interested in artist events.


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