MEA, The Moon Endowment For The Arts

It’s been 23 hours since Roxy Gellar published a preview on my Facebook group dedicated to art and culture (Art And Culture in Virtual Worlds Community). I’m talking about the birth of MEA (Moon Endowment For The Arts), a project that comes from the collaboration of individuals. The people interested in this project are all known in the artistic environment, and I confess to being very happy with their initiative and enthusiasm. I leave the presentation of this project directly to Roxy:

This Fall a new partnership has been created to support the arts in Second Life. No one private group can match LEA’s former resources, no longer available to our communities. We hope to provide inspiration for artists, musicians, and events organizers like ourselves who must seek alternatives to LEA.

In the coming weeks we will announce dates for some of our favorite artists for the fall and into winter. New Moon Events is the virtual home of Jan Pulsford’s Electronic Music Sunday Events from Great Britain. First to sign on with MEA was Terra Merhyem and Rage Darkstone. Kerupa Flow was next to accept our invitation for space at Moon Endowment for the Arts. Photographer Rofina Bronet will debut our Primary Colors Gallery with musical guest Ultraviolet Alter. Following Rofina’s showing is the Album Art of Jana Kyomoon and my birthday celebration with Jana Kyomoon’s Moonday.

We hope that our efforts will be inspirational for others to also provide alternatives for installations and events no longer sponsored by LEA. More to follow!

Roxy Gellar

I asked her for some more information and Roxy answers me:

The concept at its heart is an alternative to a permanent venue. gallery, or other (prim heavy) build. We offer those but the focus will be to provide our resources to a monthly installation or build event.

These MEA sponsored installations may be in place for a day or in place for a month on a case by case basis.

In addition, a gallery will also be available. As will a performance space for particle shows to accompany Electronic Music Sundays. We also offer the option to some DJs and musicians to rez their own venue per event up to 750 prims.

Roxy Gellar

For a sneak peek preview use the teleporter → MEA


The Island That Is Not There

The Island That Is Not There is born from the ashes of OTIUM; this is how the co-owner of the location Franz Markstein explains to me (secondlife:///app/agent/a959ad32-fee1-4219-86f7-59ea85cd2c54/about). The region designer, however, is Coralile (secondlife:///app/agent/1cf878d2-5017-47f1-b12c-c3fe5463e477/about), who, in Franz’s words, did the actual furnishing work.
I confess that I did not know OTIUM, and with difficulty, I managed to find some old photographs from the Franz himself Flickr (who was the owner of OTIUM).

OTIUM - Leisure & Laziness_011

The Island That Is Not There is, in fact, the island of dreams. A place of well-being, peace, and harmony that probably exists only in fantasy and Second Life.
As I told Franz, I appreciate the meticulousness of the furniture and the ability of Coraline to assemble the various objects creating a harmonious and credible structure.

Franz had not mentioned that he was the owner of OTIUM, while I asked him how the idea of The Island That Is Not There was born.
A not insignificant detail because the sim that was the inspiration was precisely his original creation.
I was able to find some images, as I said, of OTIUM and in fact, some corners and the structure and overall style are identical.

At the arrival point, you will find icons that invite you to follow the location events: Flickr, Youtube Machinima by Inworlds Film, and the invitation to the inworld group.
The group is essential for the rez and useful to photographers and bloggers. Membership costs only 50 L$, so I think it’s very convenient.
The light settings of the region are rich in contrasts of light and shadow, but I also invite you to try CaIWL by changing the east angle. You can obtain impressive results. I recommend that you have the shadows active, whether you use Black Dragon or any other viewer.
Finally, explore, explore, and more explore. There’s a lot to see and photograph.


The Island That Is Not There

Old Posts About OTIUM


Art in Second Life: what’s next?

Art in Second Life is experiencing a period of strong disconnection, in my opinion. Since the LEA project closed, the minimum connection between artists, gallery owners, and art lovers has generally disappeared. In itself, the closure of LEA is not a drama; I agree with those who have commented on the news without pathos.

LEA was an exciting project, full of initiatives that involved and passionate many people, intriguing even those who were not particularly lovers of virtual art. I do not underestimate the importance of the LEA project. Although with some hiccups already described, it has carried out a connection, a stable reference point for all art fans.

However, LEA no longer exists. The LEA 2.0 project, originally started by Tansee Trillium, is also archived (all members of the inworld group have been ejected, some of whom had actively participated with suggestions and ideas for the development of the 2.0 project). It is nobody’s fault; the LEA project could not continue because it started between LL and a specific group of people. Since those people were missing, the project also fell out. It doesn’t mean that other people cannot start a new scheme in collaboration with the LL, but at the moment everything is silent.

So, what is the future of the art sector in SL?

Do we like the current situation, or do we want to improve something?
In my opinion, the most worrying aspect is the strong individualism that characterizes the single art gallery or the unique art project.
Individualism means isolation. It implies aridity and creative narrowness.
Moreover, the isolation of individual projects leads to an inherent attitude of competition between artists that hurts creativity itself. Business does not get along with artistic creativity that develops in quietness, without haste, and competitive stress.

LL is paying attention to the content, enhancing the value of bloggers, vloggers, photographers and anyone who produces high-quality content (and with the launch of SLBN I have better realized that many people can publish interesting content).
I think that a similar connection could be enjoyable also in the artistic field, through integration with groups and inworld discussion.
Besides, gallery owners and artists would see their content enhanced and actively participate in discussion groups.
Do you have ideas, suggestions? Do not hesitate to write me a comment or contact me inworld (secondlife:///app/agent/922461f1-2a8d-43ab-8f15-1ff27fa92075/about).

Mon Joli Cadeau, an attractive place for art lovers

I was looking for new places to explore, and so I opened Second Life Destinations. I’m usually informed about new locations, but it’s been a long time since my daily engagements diverted me from virtual tours.
As is often the case, the image chosen to represent the location in Second Life Destinations caught my attention, and so I decided to visit Mon Joli Cadeau.
Upon arrival, I received a warm welcome from the owners of the sim, Yoh, and Avalon Boa. The region is tastefully decorated, which is something you will notice immediately upon arrival. Also, the owners take great care of the artistic and musical aspects, devoting care, attention, and time to organize live events that have a nice following of people.
The art galleries hosted by Mon Joli are enchanting, and the art on display goes well with the architecture of the region itself.
Besides, in Mon Joli there are several shops of well-known brands that represent an additional reason for interest.
For all those who are interested, I report in detail the musicians, artists, and shops that are at the location.
For any information, owners are often present on the sim and willing to help.


Showcasing Artists

Live Singers

  • Virgil Flowers
  • Vinalyn
  • Merkabah
  • Phil Setner
  • Eth Tedeshi
  • Kaleb Avedon  


  • Risa’s Shapes       Avatar’s Shapes
  • Abigail’s               Women’s clothing
  • GEMYLES              Women’ / men’s  clothing
  • GO MAKE UP         Make up,  Tattoos, eyes 
  • CHOP ZUEY          Couture jewelry
  • FLOWERDREAMS   Women’s  clothing
  • Tori’s                    Women’s / men’s clothing


Mon Joli Cadeau


Chouchou still lives and Chouchou XVI will be living soon

Yesterday, September 29, 2019, the official news came from the owners of Chouchou regarding joining to the Second Region Preservation Society. We are talking about the program that allows the rescue of regions that, without the support of LL, would close.

The owners of Chouchou have therefore made official the decision to preserve their sim and to resurrect the sim Chouchou XVI – The Babel that went off-line in 2013.

Besides, the owners of Chouchou confirm the creation of a staff that will take care of the region’s maintenance, appointing in particular Tofu (10223 Resident) as a reference point.

From the content of the message published on the official Facebook FanPage, you can see the reasons that led to the initial closure choice. The impossibility of taking care of the regions for RL reasons, combined with, as often happens in high traffic places, the fact that the regions themselves were attacked by some jammers, have meant that the Chouchou creators opted for their project closure.
In fact, reading their announcement, it seems that the decision to maintain the regions is influenced by a calm routine. That is to say; we have to hope that these disturbers will not return to the assault of the Chouchou visitors.
Unfortunately, I fear, but it is my opinion that the harassers will return and that nothing can be done about it other than to ban them as soon as a member of staff is available. Griefers are a common problem in every crowded region, a price to pay for a high traffic sim.
However, it is important to be aware that it is unthinkable to close a project just because there are troublemakers: such a choice is equivalent to “throwing in the towel”, surrendering to the overbearingness and haughtiness of certain subjects.
So, I hope that Chouchou is always well attended and that visitors can appreciate it in peace. However, if not, I hope that the owners have the strength to move forward and not so quickly satisfy the desire for the destruction of some griefers.

Another good news about Chouchou comes today: on October 18th Chouchou will release the new album “code01 oort” from their “Experimental Album.” The collection will be available in pre-order from October 4.
The Chouchou owners specify that the new “code01 oort” is the result of an experimental live concert held last December at the “Architecture and Resonance” event sponsored by Kanto Branch of the Architectural Insitute of Japan.
More information can be found on Chouchou’s Facebook FanPage.


Chouchou Facebook FanPage

That (Autumn) Missing Melody

It’s no mystery that Missing Melody is one of my favorite destinations in Second Life.
I had, in fact, already written a post and record a short video to remember over time the creative ability of Bambi (secondlife:///app/agent/c5ae19fb-fc35-4847-930d-ff5574e3b2d4/about).

Missing Melody (Old Version)

I’m back today, having peered at a few shots captured by community users. I learned that Missing Melody had renewed again in its autumn version, giving all its passionate visitors a beautiful gift.

The autumn version is, if possible, even better than the previous version. The choice of light settings is, perhaps, a little dark.
I preferred it so that the visitors of my blog could enter a mood of serenity and peace by watching the images and the video. For this reason, I chose the CaIWL setting, appropriately modifying the East Angle value in “Lighting” (World → Edit Sky Preset). For optimal viewing use Black Dragon Viewer.
I also removed the vision of all the lights attached to the avatar. The natural light is already optimal for beautiful shots.

For those who want to rez, they can join the group that allows the rez rights at the cost of L$ 250 → Join To Missing Melody Staff. A reasonable price, given the beauty of the place’s landscape.


Missing Melody (Autumn Version)